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About Didakites

Didakites is since 34 years specialised manufacturer of kites for the whole family.
A leader in new and trendy kite designs.

Didakites provides perfect kiting equipment with the guarantee of quality and performance.

You find Didakites worldwide, from the Belgian coast to Canada and Australia, as well as at the seaside-shop, as at the toy-, sport- and specialised kitestore.

Kiting gives you immediately the sensations of holiday, sun, sea, freedom,... it can be an easy one line kite of a very sofisticated one. It is the original present for a birtday or other special occasion. The choice is unlimited....  

Or you are looking for an unique incentive? with your colleagues or friends? how to learn kite-flying! everything is possible!

Do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to meet your requirements immediately.

You can visit us at the International Toyfair in Nurnberg 8-C-28:

A summary of all kites : PICTURES PNG OR PICTURES JPG