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Didak has been founed by Miet Demaitre, as retailsale in educational 'didactic' toys. In 1979 Luc Everaerdt, husband, started with import and  in 1985 he switched over to manufacturing and distribution of kites. In 2000 the company has been taken over by Lien Everaerdt. She choosed to specialize in quality kites for each age, powerkites and gardendecoration for as well as retailsale as wholesale and also in producing personalised publicity kites.

Realisator van the largest kitefestival in Belgium ‘Kites International’.
Each year during the second week-end of may in Ostend.

First award ‘craftmanship' obtained in Shangai, China International Dragon Festival

First award ‘international kite team’ in Daye City, Dragon Festival Wuhan-China

Nomination ‘Womed Award’ female entrepreneur of the year

Didakites is integrated into the company Beeusaert-Braet bvba;
Products, trademark and service continue.