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Kitefestival Oostende

The 30th edition of KITES INTERNATIONAL was the last one of a long history of successful events in Ostend. 

Due to a reorganisation and a transfer between budgets, the decision has been taken in consultation with vzw Toerisme Oostende, not to continue the organisation of the kitefestival.

Each edition, the festival welcomed more than 350 kite specialists and became one of the top 5 kitefestivals in Europe.  This unique and colourful festival was well-known for its convivial and multi-cultural atmosphere.

The festival was held for the first time on het Klein Strand and organised by the company Didak International nv in collaboration with Toerisme Oostende. Since many years, the festival had the support of many sponsors with Lotto as principal sponsor, and could count on the cooperation of an always enthusiastic team.

The glory years 2012 and 2013 with more than 30.000 spectators a day are still fresh in memory. The many thousands of spectators could enjoy the best of the European kite world. The Rokkaku-battle with Japanese kites accompanied by Taiko drums, had always a lot of success. Also the variety of kites; cultural, stunt, inflatable, historical and the workshop and expositions drew a lot of attention. Each participant obtained a souvenir and the winners received a kite Ostend Bird with imprint Kites Oostende.

It were 30 wonderful years!

see pictures !!!

30e EDITIE: 09 & 10 MEI 2015


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